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It is a node for Buildbox games that increases the realism of sound effects and music by changing the volume of a sound component dynamically, based on distance.
This way a sound effect near to the character will be louder than one farther away.

A few examples:

In this demo the 3D Sound node has been applied to trains passing by so that the sound is louder when the train is closer to the character and quieter when it is farther away.

In this demo the 3D Sound node has been applied to the noise coming from the portal; this way the volume increases as the character approaches the portal and vice-versa.


1) Drag the 3DSound.bbnode file inside a Buildbox object and place the node in between the sound node and the one activating it, like the Start node for example: Start ==> 3D Sound ==> Sound
IMPORTANT: Make sure the 'Overlapping' attribute of the sound is unchecked or the node won't work.

2) Set the node attributes as you wish:
- Max Distance: the volume of the connected sound will be set to 0 at or above this distance.
- Min Distance: the volume of the connected sound will be set to maximum at or below this distance.
- Easing function: the easing function to be used to regulate the volume dynamically, the default value is inQuart so that the volume will rapidly increase when it is very near to the player and vice-versa.
To make it clear here's a comparison between inQuart and linear functions:

DistanceVolume %DistanceVolume %

You can choose among 30+ different easing functions if you prefer a different behavior. For more info check https://easings.net/

- Sound Name (optional): you can optionally set the sound name here; you can leave it blank if the sound connected to the node has the default name 'Sound'; this attribute must be set if you have different sounds in the same node; is such a case each sound
must have a unique name or the node won't work correctly.

- Target (optional): this node will automatically search for a character in the game scene and set it as its target; you can optionally set a specific target instead.
If a target is not specified the node will look for characters, if at least one is found the first one is set as the target, if more than one is found a warning will be issued, if none is found then the path anchor position will be selected as the target and a warning will be issued since this is not ideal.
If you set a specific target then the node will search for instances of it in the game and if at least one is found then the first one is set as the target, if more than one is found then a warning will be issued, if none is found then the path anchor position will be selected as the target and a warning issued since this is not ideal.

- Max Volume: this slider will set the maximum volume the sound connected to this node will ever reach.

You just need Buildbox 3 to use the 3DSound Node.
Tested and fully compatible with the latest Buildbox release: 3.4.8.
The node will work no matter the plan you are in (Free, Plus, Pro, etc.).

- 1.0.0 (December 5, 2020)
First public release.
- 1.1.0 (December 23, 2020)
Added optional Target attribute.
Fixed a bug causing the sound to not be played back in certain circumstances.
- 1.2.0 (January 9, 2021)
Added Max Volume attribute.
Fixed a minor harmless bug causing a false warning to be triggered.


Please note that this asset package and all of its content, including source code, are protected by copyright, it is not open source. In short, you can use it in any of your Buildbox projects but please don't share it, it took a lot of effort to design, create and optimize it. In detail here's a more exhaustive copyright notice for this asset package, please read it carefully, thank you! Once purchased you are free to use the asset package within your personal and commercial Buildbox projects. And of course, you are free to publish, sell or otherwise distribute any app or software you export from Buildbox that makes use of any of the assets in this asset package. You are not allowed to allow users of such apps or software you created to access, extract and/or use any of the assets included in this package outside of the software, for example, you are not allowed to distribute a Buildbox template or asset which includes any content coming from this asset package. For sublicensing, volume licensing, or any other request don't hesitate to get in touch with me! You are not allowed to copy, sell, give away or otherwise distribute any of the assets contained in this asset package, either in their original form or in any modified form. You are not allowed to remove this copyright notice.

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Buy Now6.90€ EUR or more

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