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This node allows you to create Buildbox 3 games with a character moving along a 3D path with support for lanes and swipe gestures to change lane.
This node merges the functionalities of the "Swipe3 Lanes" asset and the "Path Move" node and adds a lot of customizable attributes.
Just check the pictures and the video for a demo of what you can achieve with it!

Tested and fully compatible with latest Buildbox release: 3.4.8.
Node and assets will work no matter the plan you are in (Free, Plus, Pro, etc.).

1 BBNODE file for Buildbox 3, the Swipe Lane Path Move Node V.1.3 itself.
1 BBDOC file for Buildbox 3 (tested with Buildbox up to version 3.3.12).
2 FREE DEMO GAMES / TEMPLATES are included in the BBDOC file.
12 BBASSET files for Buildbox 3 (2 characters + 10 objects).
1 README text file with node description and details.

1 3D MODEL for the vehicle (OBJ, PNG & MTL files included).
2 MP3 TRACKS (Somewhatcountry Lively and Somewhatcountry Quiet, 30s length).
6 ROAD / TERRAIN TILES, all in PNG format, tileable on both X & Y axis.


Following is a complete list of the node inputs and available attributes.


 The node has 4 inputs:

* Enabled: to enable the node; once enabled speed is set according to the corresponding attribute.
* Jump: if this input is enabled the character will jump; useful to add a button to control jumps for example.
* Swipe Left: if enabled the character will react as if a swipe left occurred. Useful to add alternative inputs.
* Swipe Right: if enabled the character will react as if a swipe right occurred. Useful to add alternative inputs.

The node natively supports and recognizes Left/Right Swipe gestures.
The node also supports alternative inputs, like UI Buttons, keyboard keys or mouse buttons.


* Speed: speed at which the character will move on the path in the current world scene.
* Height Over Path: height of the character over the game path.
* Jump force: force to apply to a jump, set to 0 to disable jumps. Suggested value: between 0 and 3.
* Max Jumps: max number of consecutive jumps; 1 is a single jump, 2 is a double jump, 3 a triple jump and so on.
* Movement smoothing: easing applied to character movements. Suggested value: between 0.5 (extremely snappy) and 0.99 (extremely smooth).
* Swipe sensitivity: sensitivity to swipe movements. Suggested value between 0.1 (low sensitivity) and 1.0 (high sensitivity).

* Lanes: number of lanes the character will be able to move on. Must be >= 2.

* Starting lane: starting lane for the character.
Lanes are numbered left to right; example: with 3 lanes the left one is lane 1, middle one is lane 2, right one is lane 3. Allowed values between 1 and 'Lanes'.
* Path Usable %: how much of the track size can be used by the character in percentage; useful to leave a margin on the sides of the track.
Must be >= 1. Should be <= 100. Accepts values up to 200 in case you wish your character to be able to go outside of the track.

* Variable Path Size: if enabled recognizes when the path size changes (narrower or broader) and updates the car position accordingly.  This attribute is disabled by default, enabling it will cause additional calculations in the update(dt) function.
* Smooth Move At Start: might be useful when the starting lane is not the middle one.
If checked, the character will move smoothly from the middle lane to the specified Starting Lane.
 * Allow Contact Swipes: if enabled the player can swipe multiple times keeping the finger on the screen.

* Enable Touch Events: enabled by default, allows the use of a swipe movement on screen to move the character left or right.
You might want to disable touch movements, for example if you wish to use UI buttons and/or keyboard buttons instead.

* Enable Warnings: useful for debug, enable warning messages when one of the attributes has an out of range value.
If an attribute has an out of range value it is always set to an in range value, regardless of this setting.

* Enable Steering: if checked steering is enabled and the character will rotate left or right when changing lane.
Useful to simulate steering when the character is a vehicle.
* Steering Amount: steering angle in degrees. Suggested value: between 0 and 45.
* Steering Smoothing: easing applied to character when returning to normal position after steering. Suggested value: between 0.8 and 0.98.

V.1.2 - First released version.
V.1.3 - Added support for paths of variable size.

Looking for a developer to help you with your Buildbox project? Hire me!

Please note that this asset package and all of its content, including source code, is protected by copyright, it is not open source.
In short you can use it in any of your Buildbox projects but please don't share it, it took a lot of effort to design, create and optimize it.
In detail here's a more exhaustive copyright notice for this asset package, please read it carefully, thank you!
Once purchased you are free to use the asset package within your personal and commercial Buildbox projects.
And of course you are free to publish, sell or otherwise distribute any app or software you export from Buildbox that makes use of any of the assets in this asset package.
You are not allowed to allow users of such apps or softwares you created to access, extract and/or use any of the assets included in this package outside of the software, for example you are not allowed to distribute a Buildbox template or asset which includes any content coming from this asset package.
For sublicensing, volume licensing or any other request please contact me!
You are not allowed to copy, sell, give away or otherwise distribute any of the assets contained in this asset package, either in their original form or in any modified form. You are not allowed to remove this copyright notice.

Looking for a developer to help you with your Buildbox project? Hire me!


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