IndyM Software

A alternative to the standard Wake Up node in Buildbox
Parallax scrolling backgrounds for Buildbox games
Easily add AI to characters in 3D & 2D Buildbox games!
Powerful add-on to create special effects: fires, trails, explosions, sparks, fountains, smoke, rain, snow and more!
Easily attach props to any bone of your animated characters in Buildbox!
What if you could just drop a textbox with lot of text instead of creating it line by line?
Increase realism of sound effects and musics in Buildbox!
Take full control of physics in Buildbox!
Swipe Lane + Path Move in a highly customizable node for Buildbox 3 + 2 FREE TEMPLATES & ASSETS!
A more versatile replacement of the default delay node in Buildbox
Fixes slowdowns in Buildbox 3 games! Works on any OS: iOS, Android, Windows.
Buildbox 3 node to implement in game gifts or rewards based on time elapsed in real-world.
3D Models and textures to build castles in your Buildbox 3 project!